About Us

SLL Perigord Travel was started by a Frenchman whose family has owned a castle in Perigord since 1764 and his wife, a sixth-generation Texan who moved to France in her 20's. Their combined love for the region led to their desire to share it with people who, though they may already know Paris, have yet to experience the remarkable beauty and rich history of this exceptional corner of France.

About Our Tour Director


Our SLL Perigord Travel Tour Director Sebastien was raised in France, both in Paris and in the Perigord region, and spent several years living in St. Petersburg, Florida and New York City. Sebastien worked in luxury travel in Paris and has combined his love of travel with his love of the Perigord region to become our Tour Director par excellence! During your tour, he will show you both the essential and the exceptional sites as well as make sure that you have everything you need to make your stay a memorable one.

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